The TravelHolyc blog emerged not only out of a love of travel, photography and writing, but especially out of a strong inner desire to keep.

I’m Oana and I come from Romania. I am 26 years old and besides other plans (more or less challenging), I aspire to travel as much as possible. I feel that this blog gives me the opportunity to grow from this point of view and define my own style.

I attended the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations, and then I finished a Master in Tourism. I like to create my own projects and I put my soul into them. I like the feeling of freedom that this blog offers me and that is exactly what I want to offer to my readers.

Let’s talk a little about each passion that has led me to this project, named TravelHolyc…

The passion for writing

I don’t know exactly when I started writing down my ideas and feelings. No, I’ve never had the consistency to keep a diary, I just wrote on impulse, everytime I felt inspired. I was writing in order to remember my thoughts, my feelings, to understand my evolution, to get to know myself.

And today, writing has remained my dearest friend, the best therapy, the activity that fulfills me the most. Every article or story is part of me, and when you appreciate it, there is no greater satisfaction for me!

The passion to travel

In a strange way, when I was a child I didn’t necessarily like to travel. I liked to go out, to meet people, but only within certain limits. I needed security. Later, this would become my dream, which stuck with me.

Somehow I got to know the freedom that traveling brings into our lives. The power to be present, to connect with yourself, to play with life. I left my country for the first time at the age of 21. It might seem late to some of you. It was a student exchange. I didn’t know anyone, but I told myself that if I wanted something from life, I wouldn’t wait for it to happen to me.

And the need to travel had not vanished, on the contrary.

Eventually, I traveled to 13 countries (Germany, France, Slovakia, Armenia, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Malta, Bali, England, Turkey, Portugal, Morocco), a small number for what I want and maybe for some of you. But that number still has time to grow.

The passion for photography

I never took photography classes. Somehow the passion for this subject arose with the first trip. It was closely related to this. When you see a world completely different from yours, you begin to truly see. The differences, the details of the streets, of the houses, of the new reality.They don’t pass you by anymore.

And then I wanted to keep them somehow. And Instagram kept encouraging me to persevere, to improve my technique. I still have a lot to learn, but I feel I have improved since the beginning!

A kind of #bucketlist

To get to know each other even better, I think our actions speak for us. So here is what I have managed to do so far. This is my bucketlist, that I already turned into reality:

  • I walked through the canals of Venice.
  • We visited Juliet’s Balcony in Verona.
  • We celebrated the New Year for the second time in Bali, according to their calendar.
  • I swam in the waters of the Blue Lagoon in Malta.
  • I was in Burano, the city with houses of different colors.
  • We reached the most famous waterfall in Romania, Bigar Waterfall.
  • I drove the ATV through Santorini.
  • We arrived by ferry on the Bosphorus Strait.
  • I got into the famous Bali swing.
  • We went by camel to the Sahara Desert, where we spent the night in a tent.

In the end, all I promise you is the sincerity towards the places I see and the advice to help you plan your own journeys!

To as many trips as possible!